HAIR QUALITY : Extremely real, actually real as they are, Very silky specially with beer shampoo (if want dry look with silky smooth) and dove
(if want to be with wet look and silky smooth)

LOOKS : Let me tell you. There are many people looked close enough like one inch close when I am combing in washroom with great brightness and said man how do you have such nice and fluffy hair and how do you maintain them- two things this tell you. One - you can’t make out they have been fixed . Second- quality is simply awesome

HANDLING : Extremely simple, just get a wide tooth comb and you are good to go, I comb with comb and with my hand anywhere and everywhere without thinking twice whether I should or not so pretty good right!!!

MANAGEABILITY : Let me think how I say this. I don't think any different at all from what you would be doing when you have real ones; well they are real :-).... But guys really nothing needs to be done specially. You have them like your own. Sleep, getup. Bath. Shampoo or outing anywhere it’s like you had your own hair

FEELING : Let me tell you the most important thing I was dreading about is whether I will be able to dip my fingers in my hair ever again as 99% of these hair fixing thingies are stiff and guess what you can dip you fingers and comb with your hands as you were doing earlier or at least how I did when I had my full hair on. These hair r silky smooth and just simply real, my child keep playing with them every morning when my child wakes me up and I don't have to worry

SCALP : Since they come netted on a very thin net, your scalp is exposed to air and sun as they were earlier and you don't have to worry about whether your scalp gets rashes like other fixing things which are fixed on think cloth. So yea its very light and you don't feel they are on you

HAIR STYLE : These guys are pro, just show them previous picture of you and they will you exact style. They style the hair with great ease and speed, when some do it so speedy and still achieve perfection tells you something's isn't it, yes experience....

Advantages of Permanent Hair Bonding

  • Hair bonding in Andhra Pradesh
  • Cheap Cost (primarily)
  • It is used on all category of baldness
  • It is handy in male pattern baldness as well as thin women’s hair loss of any age and stage of baldness.
  • Instantaneous, few hour procedures and non-surgical course of action to dig up exonerate of hair loss.
  • Straightforward action system.
  • Methodically usual outcome.
  • Accomplish whichever stylish glance alongside compactness.
  • Thoroughly zero side-effect skin-friendly course of action.

Disadvantages or Side-effects of Permanent Hair Bonding

  • Not enduring alternative of bluntness.
  • The abuser cannot catch rising natural hairs.
  • Patient has to follow every month maintenance which is chargeable and time-consuming.
  • Pursue standard hair silicon bonding services time by time.
  • Patient has to accomplish color in predominantly time to precisely match up both hairs.
  • The abuser has to buy new hair replacement system after few months.

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