Custom wigs and hair extensions are nothing short of a miracle that will change your life for good. You will forget the hassles of continuous hair care and hair management. When you start to turn bald you become very cautious of your looks because people are accustomed to have seen you with hair but suddenly if you start losing hair then it becomes a topic of discussion and embarrassment for you. Before you become a social havoc you must do something to take care of your looks.

Custom hair wigs will enable you to get back your pleasant look and would require minimum care with amazing quality Hair Fixing in Andhra Pradesh. Forget spending 2 hours in front of mirror before going out and still not being satisfied of your hair. Managing to get the perfect hair style is as easy as eating a pie now. Nu-life Hair Studio brings to you the best on stock hair wigs and hair extensions that satisfy the need of the clients.

Also, with the help of customisation, you can tell us how do you want your wig to be and we will style it in a way that it will look exactly like your natural hair. There are some very famous celebrities who wear these custom made wigs and extensions. Shocked because you never noticed? Well, there is nothing to be surprised for. This is enormously trending invention that is more natural than your natural hair. Losing hair is never your fault so you should not be the one suffering from all the problems due to lack of perfect hair.

What is the role of stylist in this procedure?

The role of hair stylist in this entire procedure is very crucial and that is the reason we have the top notch industry expert stylist who would examine your hair just to overcome all the struggles that would arise when it comes to arranging your hair in the best way possible. It is this stylist that will examine your face and head structure and then will analyse your original hair style and texture to give you back your lost hair with non surgical way through a beautiful wig or extension that would be visible natural. Hair wigs in is a trend that is catching up really fast. We adhere with the latest trends in the fashion and Nu-life sector just to come up with creative ways to bestow you, your wig or extensions.

What is the difference between hair wig and hair extensions?

To understand the concept of hair wigs and extensions it is very important for you to understand the two different problems that get catered by these two miracle workers when it comes to hair and beauty. Wigs are used when the hair condition is terribly bad and you have lost most of your hair and the bald patches are quiet visible.

However, hair extensions are used to increase the volume of your hair. Hair Extensions in Andhra Pradesh are easily available at Nu-life. Mostly, wigs are used by men and extensions are used by women because of the nomenclature of the women’s scalp. Men tend to get bald but women don’t unless and until there is a rare case. Women only lose hair that too can be of many reasons like –

  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet imbalance
  • Lack of Nutrients.
  • Too much external damage.
  • Sun damage.
  • Styling damage.

If you want to know Hair weaving cost in Andhra Pradesh then you must book your appointment with our expert dermatologist today! They will examine the condition of your hair and then prepare a package that suits you best.

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